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5 out of 5 based on 22 reviews

29th April 2020
Always recommend the training centre
I’ve had a good day! I have completed my [reach] refresher course and the service and attention to detail is really good. It’s good value for money and I always recommend the training centre to friends.

24th February 2020
Very helpful and friendly
This course was very helpful, the instructors are very helpful and friendly.

21st February 2020
The course was definitely worth the money
The instructor was very professional, easy to understand, gave all the necessary information needed and answered all questions asked... even the irrelevant ones! The admin staff are very friendly and very helpful. The training centre is a suitable size for training and equipment is in good shape. The course was definitely worth the money. I am very satisfied that I will obtain a job with this certificate and I will definitely pass on the school's details to my colleagues.

21st February 2020
100% recommendation rate!
The instructor was the best instructor ever. He is a confidence builder, trained at a perfect pace of training for my level and he explains everything. Equipment is in good order and it's a good training centre. For me, 100% recommendation rate!

19th February 2020
Professional People
Thanks for refreshing my licences. A school with nice and professional people. Was a pleasure to work together.