Private Customers (Self Sponsored)

Welcome to our site.
We have been in business for over 30 years and have already trained many thousands of people. That is why We believe that we are the safest choice of training school for you when  learning to drive a forklift truck.
Do you know that every year we have to re-train numbers of people because their original training provider can no longer be contacted.
These individuals made the mistake of choosing a cheap temporary training school set up in the back of a borrowed warehouse. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be so cheap after all.
When an employer wants to verify your licence in the future, or if you ever need to replace a lost certificate, you will be very glad that you chose a solid company like ourselves that is here to stay. 
Our organisation runs 3 dedicated training schools which are all regularly inspected to ensure that. So you can be sure that they are clean, Safe, properly maintained and fully insured for your protection,
If we don’t have a training school in your town, we will probably have a free pick up point very close by.
Try putting your postcode into the search facility at the bottom of this page to see where our nearest training centre or pick up point is to you .
Our company has a far more extensive range of equipment to train on than any other school in your area, and possibly even the country, you can see a list of them together with some explanation of their purpose at the bottom of this page.
We also run regular in-house instructor courses.
Passing your forklift test is not the end of the story when you train with us.
At no extra charge, we will provide you with Valuable assistance in finding the best paid forklift driving jobs through our free specialist forklift driver job matching service.
As part of this service, we have devised many unique strategies to help make you the Employers number one choice and we will be sharing these strategies with you when you join us on a training course.

For more details and a list of our very reasonable prices, please call us, or fill in the form to the right of this page.
Thank you for listening to this message and I hope I will be seeing you on a forklift training course very soon.