Funded Organisations Helping The Unemployed Return To Work

Welcome to our website.
You may be interested to know that during our 30 years in business, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in partnering with organisations whose job it is to help people get back to work.
If you are one such organisation and you are looking for a training provider to help you achieve your targets,we firmly believe that you would be unlikely to find a better choice of partner than ourselves.
This is because own and operate 3 dedicated training schools in the East and South east Midlands, all positioned with easy access in mind. These centres are regularly inspected to ensure that. They are clean, properly maintained, safe and fully insured for the protection of your delegates.
If we don’t have an actual training school in your town, we will probably have a free pick up point close by. If you put your postcode into the search facility at the right of this web page you can find out where the nearest pick up point or training centre is.
No doubt there are cheaper training providers out there, but needless to say, cheapest is rarely the best especially when considering the longer term prospects of your clients.
Every year we have to re-train people who have taken their training with organisations who can no longer be contacted. Often these trainers have set up in a borrowed warehouse to take advantage of some short term funding opportunities but then have packed up shop when the funding stream comes to an end.
A certificate that cannot be easily verified, may not be much good when it comes to your client finding work in the future.
You may have noticed our unique certificate verification facility on our home page. This is specifically designed to help employers with due diligence. They can even print off the details of the verification to keep on the employees file in case of a future health and safety audit.
This feature greatly increases the employer’s confidence to employ that individual, especially when compared with those applicants whose certificates cannot so easily be verified.
We employ a member of staff whose job it is, to match forklift operators with employment. We have also devised many unique and highly effective approaches to help make your clients the Employer’s first choice, and we would be very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss how we can use those strategies to your greater advantage and that of your clients.
Because we can offer a far more inclusive range of equipment to train on than any other training school in this area and possibly even the country, We are often approached by employers and agencies looking for people with these less common licences.
If you would like to discuss further how we can best be of assistance to your organisation, please call me today on 0845 6800928.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.