Why train to operate the Bendi / Flexi Truck?

The Bendi / Flexi truck (also known as  the pivot steer) is a cleverly devised forklift that is easier to use than the reach truck and will also work in narrower aisles. These are articulated (bends in the middle) counterbalance style forklift trucks, but they have a rather different feel in operation.

Although the Bendy / Flexi ( pivot steer ) was once considered a specialist machine, the Bendy / flexi's obvious advantages have recently made them much more popular with warehouses and Distribution centres alike.

Compared with other forklift truck types, the Bendi / Flexi is a relative newcomer to the scene and so very few training centres are able to offer it yet. For that reason, employers find it hard to fill Bendi / Flexi Driving positions. Which means you should be able to find well paid employment more easily than those who have not yet invested in a Bendi / flexi licence.

Special Offer 

for existing counterbalance or reach truck licence holders ( Limited time only).  Book a Bendi / Flexi  or a VNA course and get a refresher course absolutely free of charge.

Our Bendi training courses tend to get booked up well in advance, so call now to reserve your place