Corporate Customers and Employers

Fork lift Safety for employers is a vitally important issue.

Proper training could literally be a matter of life or death to one of your staff or visitors and should never be trusted to any old training organisation based on price alone.

Ours is the local training organisation that you can trust because we have been in business for over 35 years issuing in excess of 35,000 certificates of competence in possibly the widest range of forklift truck types available in the country.

As well as offering training on your site our company owns and operates fully equipped dedicated training Centres in Northampton and Coventry.

As an organisation we have invested strongly in our business over the years because we are deeply committed to the quality of our service.

You will I am sure be aware that employers have a legal duty to ensure that their employees are adequately trained. A certificate can be easily forged nowadays and so on its own, cannot be relied upon as proof of competence.

If “Heaven forbid”, one of your employees should have a serious accident involving a forklift truck in years to come, you will be called upon by the HSE to provide evidence that adequate training has been received by the individual concerned. That is when you will be extremely glad that you did not entrust your training to a “here today gone tomorrow trainer” who may no longer be around to provide you with the vital evidence and support that you will need to protect your company from prosecution.

For a quote or just some no obligation advice, please contact us through the contact page, or call our customer service department.

Our team of dedicated professionals look forward to being given an opportunity to work with you and your organisation sometime very soon.